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Profile Gresie Faianta Profesionale | Profilitec

Profilitec - Italia este recunoscuta pentru calitatea si gama diversa a profilelor sale din Aluminium, Inox, Bronz, Alama cu diferite tipuri de finisaje si intro gama larga de culori. Profilele Profilitec ofera o gama larga de produse pentru gresie faianta parchet, mocheta, piatra, profile trecere, colt, diferenta nivel, plinte, decor, etc.


Cautati in catalog profilul potrivit regasiti descrierea tehnica, dimensiuni si pret, preturile sunt afisate in catalog in euro si contin TVA Trimite-ti un email cu codul produsului la Ai nevoie de suport tehnic?  suntem permanent la dispozitia dvs L-D 9-21 la tel 0372 700 900 Modalitati de livrare din stoc sau la comanda in 3-5 zile orice produs va veni de la fabrica direct la tine acasa. Catalog Profile Profesionale Profilitec 2019

Cataloage Profilitec - Italia


Soul | Piemme

189,00 lei
The queen of wood is oak and it can express itself in a multitude of ways. Piemme research delved into its soul and declined its multifaceted nature in three ways. The true distinctive strength of the “Soul” design lies in the fact that we have enhanced rather than discarded, selecting the most natural part of the oak with all its wonderful imperfections and letting it fully express itself through the three variants “natural”, “rustic” and “reclaimed” which most pertain to this wonderful timber, as old as humankind and as deep as the emotions it always generates in those exposed to it. Line Catalogue Merchandising Catalogue Technical Sheet

Bits & Pieces | Piemme

139,00 lei
The art of decoration of ancient Rome, of the opus incertum and lapis porphyrites, are reinterpreted according to contemporary technologies, maintaining intact the charm of reuse exalted in industrial mass production. Besides this however, Gordon Guillaumier shifts attention from really fake to fake reality: in a declaration of intents that authenticates the entire intellectual journey of the project. Replacing a marble tozzetto tile with a slit of wood is a clever graphic operation: besides going against the grain, with respect to the norm, it is also a successful attempt to reproduce the wood effect with ceramics. In this case, wood becomes texture, which by assonance, replaces the marble of a terrazzo flooring, becoming an intrusive pattern on a base of concrete, grit and stone: and it is precisely this intrusion which reveals the richness of the Bits project, which in the Quad and Facet versions, presents different but historically impossible graphic theories. Until today at least. Catalogue Technical Sheet

Materia | Piemme

139,00 lei
Materia is conceived to introduce a new expression of ceramics. A noble material with a great history relaunches its creative potential thanks to the graphic technique and the diverse esthetics of materials like metal, stone and ceramics itself. Line Catalogue Merchandising Catalogue Technical Sheet

Ardesia | Piemme

The “Ardesia” series was inspired by natural slate, in its typical fine split finish; thanks to modern production technology, all the appeal of this sedimentary rock is reproduced in a highly natural way on the surface of latest-generation porcelain stoneware


Cottage | Piemme

139,00 lei
Tactile sensations, veins designed by time and natural colour shades: Cottage covers contemporary living spaces with the essence of the most precious woods.Totally environment friendly , in Cottage, Piemme technology evokes all the appeal of wood combined with the reliability of modern porcelain stoneware. ARDESIA_SCHEDA TECNICA_REV 03-02-2017 PIEMME_GEN_2019_06_COTTAGE PIEMME_COTTAGE_2019 15W0074_PM_20MM_INT

Fragments Pierre Charpin | Piemme

139,00 lei
Just like the "fragments of a lover’s discourse" the collection designed by Pierre Charpin for Ceramiche Piemme follows movement and has no plot excepting the investigation into the language of shapes. Each ceramic piece becomes a lemma of a visual vocabulary wherein the process of subtraction, typical of Charpin, is functional to aggregation, to the organization of fragments of the discourse. Line Catalogue

Glitch by Benoy | Piemme

139,00 lei
Glitch is a range of porcelain stoneware tiles developed by Piemme in partnership with one of the biggest international design studios: Benoy. Individuality and imperfection are ever-more desirable in the modern world of mass production, in which everything is type approved and homogenised. Beauty is increasingly sought out in imperfections: the knots in wood, the veining in marble, scratches in leather. Glitch brings out and highlights the heterogeneous nature of concrete, and all those little imperfections characteristic of this surface, such as cracks, patinas, scratches and weathering, all harmonised and reinterpreted as ceramic tiles. The decorative range borrows from the imperfections present in the digital world - hence the name "Glitch" - and melds them with the tones of concrete both on flat and three-dimensional bases. The result is a contemporary aesthetic which can be applied equally to residential environments and to commercial locations. BENOY - designer Founded in 1947, Benoy is today a global design specialist player operating in 55 countries. Born as a small architectural firm in the rural areas of Nottinghamshire, in the last 70 years it has grown rapidly specializing in masterplanning, architecture and interiors, but always remaining faithful to its corporate roots and family mentality. Newark, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong have gradually been added to the London office. Among the most well-known projects in the portfolio are Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Bluwater in London and the Bullring shopping center in Birmingham but also Westfield London UK, the Elements Mall in Hong Kong or the ION in Singapore. Committed to providing world-class architectural solutions for the building sector, Benoy balances a creative vision with commercial profitability, collaborates with its customers to create iconic projects that enrich people's lives, strengthen communities, improve nature and offer value lasting economic with an ever attentive look at social, economic and environmental sustainability. His philosophy is that "creativity and feasibility are not mutually exclusive". In 2019 Ceramiche Piemme activated an important collaboration with Benoy for the design of its products: a partnership with a major international player which, together with the opening of the London studio Piemme 40, highlights the international character of the company, which has always witnessed the Made in Italy quality in the ceramic sector.

Line Catalogue

Technical Sheet  

Claymood | Piemme

139,00 lei
The result of the aesthetic blending of two materials – clay and cement mortar - thereby producing a completely new mood. The four delicate background tones leave room for pleasant colour shadings which move the design of the environment with sober and contemporary character. The large assortment of sizes and accessories for indoors and outdoors complete Claymood making it a rich and flexible series for any type of project in both residential and commercial areas. PIEMME_CLAYMOOD_2019 CLAYMOOD_SCHEDA TECNICA_REV 24-02-2017

Freedom | Piemme

139,00 lei
Freedom is inspired by Hauteville stone; known for its hardness and strength, it is used in buildings around the world, including the base of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building in New York. It is a rock with a fine texture which can feature numerous shade variations. This particular characteristic has been underlined by Piemme researchers who have grasped its great aesthetic potential, reinterpreting it by emphasizing the natural alternation of the background shades and the thin veins to obtain a stone at the same time of great character and nice to look at. FREEDOM_SCHEDA TECNICA_REV 03-12-2018 PIEMME_GEN_2019_09_FREEDOM PIEMME_FREEDOM_CATALOGO 2019

Geostone | Piemme

139,00 lei
Geostone was created on the basis of careful research into design. The timeless appeal of sedimentary rocks is re-presented in a harmonized blend on the surfaces of Piemme porcelain stoneware. Line Catalogue Technical Sheet

Newstone | Piemme

139,00 lei
A unique mix of stones, four different colour shades, three finishes and four three-dimensional structures at disposal to furnish spaces with a dynamic and contemporary design. Technical Sheet

Fleur de Bois | Piemme

189,00 lei
A collection inspired by a mix of woods types – hickory and Italian walnut – skilfully blended in order to achieve a balance and highlight their best aesthetic expressions; those produced by typical longitudinal grains with a regular and elegant pattern; more contrasted for the hickory, more harmonic for the Italian walnut. FLEUR DE BOIS_SCHEDA TECNICA - REV 06-12-2018 PIEMME_FLEUR DE BOIS_CATALOGO 2019  

Purestone | Piemme

139,00 lei
A real furnishing material, obtained by processing the aesthetics of various kinds of natural stones, Piemme “Purestone” is a modern porcelain stoneware with delicate colour shades and discreet and never excessive veins. Line Catalogue General Catalogue Extract Technical Sheet

Stone concept | Piemme

139,00 lei
A collection inspired by white Burgundy stone; a sedimentary rock, which can take on various aspects, because it includes delicate colour patches and veins. This stone has been used for centuries both for the wall coverings of noble French castles and for their paving, and it is from the paving of a castle in the Loire Valley that the particular stone which inspired “Stone Concept” was recovered, making the design of this series absolutely exclusive and unrepeatable. Line Catalogue General Catalogue Extract Merchandising Catalogue Technical Sheet

Urban | Valentino

139,00 lei
A modern line with an unmistakable metropolitan appeal. Urban furnishes contemporary living areas with style and originality. Line Catalogue  Technical Sheet   

Majestic | Valentino

The new Valentino by Ceramiche Piemme marble effect surfaces show off their wilder side, thanks to a stylish mixture of textures, decorations and shades that develop all the positive elements of tradition to create an exclusive, contemporary look. The Majestic collection confirms the brand’s international and cosmopolitan identity, its vocation for creating welcoming atmospheres and its broad outlook towards an expanding world, promising to provide us with an authentic beauty, deeply rooted in the natural “savoirfaire” of its innate Made in Italy culture. Catalogue Majestic | Valentino MAJESTIC_ValentinoCatalog 2020 Majestic | Valentino MAJESTIC_SCHEDA TECNICAMAJESTIC_SCHEDA TECNICA      

Elegance | Valentino

139,00 lei
Covering a space, furnishing it with care, reflecting the taste and personality of whosoe - ver lives in it, is a real art form; to achieve the best results, constant research into materials is needed, with sights set on the very best quali - ty and aesthetic value. Valentino research, the utmost expression of Italian design, prestige and timeless appeal, has created Elegance: the ideal solution for covering any interior with sober refinement. Large sizes and textures which reproduce in detail the most precious marbles in the world, for a line of materials capable of conveying elegance to any surface, whether public or private. Line Catalogue | Valentino Line Catalogue | Valentino  

Marmi Reali | Valentino

139,00 lei
The beauty and elegance of top-quality marbles combined with outstanding porcelain stoneware. Line Catalogue   Technical Sheet   

Marmi-Reali Mat | Valentino

139,00 lei
The beauty and elegance of top-quality marbles combined with outstanding porcelain stoneware. Line Catalogue Technical Sheet