Bas Relief | Mutina

In this handmade collection the theme of the basrelief is proposed with several versions and depths.
Composed by three patterns just for walls in size 18 x 54 cm, obtained by extrusion, and by a floor base in the size 26,5 x 18 cm, Bas-Relief is declined in natural and neutral shades, applied in an innovative way.
Declined in bianco, cipria and nero, four are the patterns of the collection: CODE the texture is austere and refined. The severity is expressed through the movement which repeats itself on the surface as a code. PATCHWORK the raised and overlapped details
of the patchwork pattern create a design, which is constantly evolving and never repetitive. GARLAND the flower element is revised with a contemporary and digital attitude. The finishing of the surface reaches different depths and heights, which create an
articulated chiaroscuro effect. CLOUD this airy and light pattern captures the air bubbles on the surface and fixes them in a abstract and constant design.


Technical features

Laying and maintenance tips

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tortora esagona

Grid White

Nube White

Code Bianco

Code Cipria

Code Nero


Garland Bianco

Garland Cipria

Garland Nero

Patchwork Bianco

Patchwork Cipria

Patchwork Nero

  • 18cm x 54cm
  • battiscopa
  • rettificato
  • 6,5X60 cm
  • costa retta
  • rettificato
  • 30X120X3,3

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