Dwell | Atlas Concorde

Metropolitan, Chic, Versatile

Spatulated concrete effect and synthetic resins

A collection with a strongly contemporary imprint, for those who are not afraid to dare.

The surface is characterized by a microstructure which makes the effect of the application realistic to the touch. The color range allows you to play with the alternation of warm and cold tones, with shades or with accents, to make the environments original and vital.

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Dwell Brown Leather

Dwell Gray

Dwell Greige

Dwell OffWhite

Dwell Pearl

Dwell Smoke

  • 75×150 cm
  • 291/2”x59”
  • 10 mm
  • 75×75 cm
  • 291/2”x291/2”
  • 10 mm
  • 45×90 cm
  • 173/4”x353/8”
  • 10 mm

Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde is a global specialist in premium porcelain and wall tiles for every style and application in residential, commercial and public architecture. Being global specialists means excellence in the level of design and technology in each type of surface, making it possible to always offer designers and end users the best solution for each application.

Company - Atlas Concorde

50 years of ceramic excellence

Since 1969 , Atlas Concorde has established itself as one of the main companies in the world ceramic market. Today our company is the ideal partner for customers and designers who seek the excellence of products capable of responding to every need of contemporary architecture. Continuous innovation , echnological research , Italian style , international vocation : these are the values ​​that have guided us until today and that will continue to do so in the future.

Company - Atlas Concorde

Creativity, design, research and Italian style

Each collection is designed to offer quality and style, for a distinctive interior design, in which it is easy to recognize the characteristics of Italian style . We offer a wide range of sizes, colors, finishes, decorations, application solutions and special pieces, to meet different architectural needs.

Company - Atlas Concorde