Elegance | Valentino

139,00 lei

Covering a space, furnishing it with care, reflecting the taste and personality of whosoe – ver lives in it, is a real art form; to achieve the best results, constant research into materials is needed, with sights set on the very best quali – ty and aesthetic value. Valentino research, the utmost expression of Italian design, prestige and timeless appeal, has created Elegance: the ideal solution for covering any interior with sober refinement. Large sizes and textures which reproduce in detail the most precious marbles in the world, for a line of materials capable of conveying elegance to any surface, whether public or private.

Line Catalogue | Valentino

Line Catalogue | Valentino


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  • 60X60
  • 80X80
  •  30X120
  • 60X120
  • 30X119,5
  • battiscopa
  • rettificato
  • 6,5X60 cm
  • costa retta
  • rettificato
  • 30X120X3,3

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