Pura | Dom Ceramiche

190,00 lei

Dom Ceramiche | Italy

Our experimentation focuses on the purity of materials and design.

This is the origin of the Dom large size tiles, made with Bitech® technology, which ensures lightness and easy installation and maintenance.

Pura is designed to optimise wall installations. Large dimensions, intense nuances: surfaces are filled with light.

Three-dimensional reliefs and fine textures have been developed to enhance the beauty of walls.

Colour reflects personality and style for a clean, contemporary design.

Smooth and silky glazes, with an elegant and sophisticated composition. Outstanding quality is achieved by R&D laboratories.

WB | matt | plaster | 50 x 150

Wall | interior


pietre_naturali_high_tech_greenstone Catalogo Pura | Dom Ceramiche

pietre_naturali_high_tech_greenstone Catalogo Generale | Dom Ceramiche


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