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Profile Gresie Faianta Profesionale | Profilitec

Profilitec - Italia este recunoscuta pentru calitatea si gama diversa a profilelor sale din Aluminium, Inox, Bronz, Alama cu diferite tipuri de finisaje si intro gama larga de culori. Profilele Profilitec ofera o gama larga de produse pentru gresie faianta parchet, mocheta, piatra, profile trecere, colt, diferenta nivel, plinte, decor, etc.


Cautati in catalog profilul potrivit unde regasiti descrierea tehnica, dimensiuni si pret. Trimite-ti un email cu codul produsului la preturile sunt afisate in catalog in euro si contin TVA Modalitati de livrare din stoc sau in 3-5 zile orice produs va veni de la fabrica direct la tine acasa. Catalog Profile Profesionale Profilitec 2019

Cataloage Profilitec - Italia


Pietra d’Assisi | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

Rustic effect without compromise. Country style brought to life with trims and special pieces for interiors with an antique, romantic feel. The charm of a countryside oasis or an old-fashioned urban ambience.

Catalogue Pietra d'Assisi | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Supreme | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
SUPREME IS QUINTESSENZA PLUS Brilliant and rich in every detail, Supreme surfaces are available in 5 shades. Research and technical perfection enhance the detail. The 3 finishes - natural, polished and grip - facilitate the relationship between spaces. Cat Supreme 2PCatalogo QUINTESSENZA PLUS Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus    

Othello | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The natural effect of wood, clearly- eight colour variations in just one format. The Othello collection explores the theme of natural wood, enriching it with a very slight pickling effect. An imperceptible and slight touch, which makes surfaces opaque yet soft and elegant.

Catalogo Othello | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Flint | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Rippled, silky surfaces, delicate nuances of tone and hints of light. Quartz, marble and stone are the soul of Flint, a pocket collection in 4 colours and 2 formats designed for contemporary interiors with an elegant, classic feel. Catalogo Flint | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Nordenn | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Nordenn faithfully replicates the orig-inal stone’s features with its limestone fossils, marine organisms, crinoids and mud. created afresh with the heart and soul of a new generation. A solid, compact, durable product, with extra thickness for outdoor spaces. Catalogue Nordenn | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Savanna | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The soul of wood with its timeless beauty and its silent, perfect lines: Savanna is the essence of soul. Moods that recall the past: contemporary beauty with quirky intarsio stylings awaken the emotions and bring the past tantalizingly alive. That’s the secret of places that are dear to the soul: places where life pulsates, where the pieces of our life come together.

Catalogo Savana | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Dome | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

All the colours of stone with infinitely various plays of colour and light. An original collection that’s full of character. Unique formats and special pieces enriched with tendril motifs.

Catalogo Domus | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Oxidia | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Essential charm, clean forms, elegant but restrained trims. A style that has nothing to prove. Catalogo Oxidia | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Flame | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Cerdomus | Italy   A collection inspired by the essence of the linden tree, which, if skillfully treated in autoclave, takes on iridescent and bold wooden patterns. A sophisticated style, suitable for an international audience, available in 6 gritty and captivating nuances. A single format and two surfaces create a continuity for indoor and outdoor laying. Design and passion intense, passionate and unmistakable charm. Catalogo

Club | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The contemporary mixed with something far more remote: the essence of new architectural designs and the key to understanding the present. Innovation rubs shoulders with tradition, the past with the future, technology with passion. Only from this synthesis can true originality emerge.

Catalogo Club | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Tahoe | Cerdomus

189,00 lei

"I have walked in nature and discovered colours. There were many more than I imagined. So I’ve tried to draw them”. Introducing Tahoe, the new porcelain stoneware collection from Cerdomus. A voyage through the infinite nuances of natural colours: not just a new take on natural wood textures but a versatile collection that offers endless design possibilities.

Catalogo Tahoe | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Stage Pointe | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

A new take on an old substance: wood. Natural nuances and irresistible textures, with formats for every laying scheme. The result - a unique collection for high aesthetic performance and elegant settings.

Catalogo Stage Pointe | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Regis | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Warm tones and natural veins: simple characteristics that define the aesthetic of this new collection. Made with digital technology and enriched with mosaics, strips, boiserie and trims inspired by Baroque volutes. Catalogo Regis | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus    

Skorpion | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

Precious Onyx cast the subtlest hues of the rainbow on walls and floors.Thanks to the special raw materials and next-generation machinery, Cerdomus polishing achieves an exceptional degree of brilliance.

CERDOMUS_cat_SkorpionCatalogo QUINTESSENZA PLUS Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Cottage | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Light, colour, substance: Cottage is as simple as it is evocative. Cottage takes terracotta as its starting point, the stimulus to explore new possibilities. Simultaneously evocative and contemporary. Catalogue Cottge | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Mexicana | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The style of the original stone is perfectly reproduced in the delicate veins that sink into the material in perfect symbiosis with the surface graphics. The effect is that of a precious texture where the light flows, illuminates and makes the colors bright. Four colors, six rectified formats, natural and satin surfaces: few elements to define the coordinates of a new journey. A work of research and selection in the choice of decorations and special pieces, absolutely original, innovative and very particular: lozenges, weaves, three-dimensional bricks, mosaics and precious strips complete the Mexicana Collection.

  DOM_APPROACH_CATALOGO_2018Catalogo Mexicana | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

White Statuary | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

Geometry and movement, together. Pure white, ultra-high definition pattern and polished surface.

Catalogo ExtremeWhite 2PCatalogo QUINTESSENZA PLUS Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus    

Barrique | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The charm of old wood and the warm colours of nature, for ambiences ranging from the classical to minimalist-Scandinavian, for offset or modular laying schemes with metal and titanium trims. All the beauty of wood with something extra.

Catalogo Barrique | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Arpège | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The Arpege collection is light, elegant and sophisticated… There are 5 different colours in the range together with 5 rectified formats… Arpege is a collection enriched by two different surface types and is completed with the design of soft and sinuous decors that seem to look towards the Orient… This new collection of porcelain stoneware is part of Quintessenza by Cerdomus.

Catalogo Arpege 2pCatalogo QUINTESSENZA PLUS Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus    

Privé | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

Refined harmony, realistic and enveloping design inspired by the essence of european walnut; a porcelain stoneware construction that allows dressing up environments with sophistication.Balance and naturalness to give life to projects that do not fall to fashion and seasonal changes.Quality performance of the best ceramic technology conveyed in a pleasant and reassuring look, enhanced by non-slip finish for outdoor installation, which yields the ideal aesthetic result, without compromising function and safety.

Catalogo Prive | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Shine | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Four colors in a single format containing an infinity of nuances. Indoor and outdoor use with no limits, natural and anti-slip surface, strong shading, soft structure and light bright veins. Shine is simple, complete and with a strong soul. Catalogo Shine | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

KENDO | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Light palette knife strokes, the signs of an artist who plays with the consistency of ceramics, action painting that transforms texture and takes it beyond itself. Kendo is a creation that looks at the present but embraces the artistic history of Cerdomus. Catalogue Kendo | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Chrome | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
The industrial aesthetic has invaded domestic and residential space, and the result is roomier ambiences that give interior designers unprecedented freedom in their choice of colour schemes and stylistic elements: and that’s the reason for Chrome. Essential, contemporary, industrial: cement is the inspiration behind Chrome, a collection that reprises the nuances of sand and mixed gravel. Catalogo Chrome | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Mowa | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
There are seven colours in the new Mowa collection by Cerdomus. An endless nuance of colour flows along the surface,leaving soft and sometimes intense brush strokes, that remind us of the more natural shades of the essences… Each space assumes a character, and design is completed as it merges into the strength and harmony of colour. Nature becomes part of even the most intimate spaces in our homes and gives them expression, atmosphere and identity...   Catalogo Mowa | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Materia | Cerdomus

179,00 lei
A single concept that a whole new style is built on: that's the idea behind Materia. The collection explores the contrast between the minimalism of a single format and the chromatic versatility offered by its textured surfaces. A style that draws on disparate aesthetic sensibilities and offers a world of design possibilities: for public and commercial spaces, business hotels and domestic interiors. Catalogue Materia | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Luxe | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

From the Apuan Alps, Cerdomus research has created the new Luxe collections. A marble effect with irregular and crystalline grains in an essential black hue enriched by 4 lighter shades that complete the chromatic range. Ideal to enhance settings, it is suitable for floors and walls. Luxe is contemporary design and elegance in perfect mutual harmony.

CERDOMUS_cat_LuxeCatalogue QUINTESSENZA PLUS Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus  

Kyrah | Cerdomus

139,00 lei
Rustic revisited in a range of strong colours, from earth tones to cerulean blues with contrasting laying schemes. Complete with artistic trim pieces with hand-crafted details. Catalogue Kyrah | Cerdomus Catalogo Generale 2020 | Cerdomus