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Flowing light. White that retains its density without losing its elegance. The various formats and trims exude a sense of opulence and lend themselves to all kinds of creative combinations. Every space graced by our Statuario collection glows with the beauty of a material that’s sober and sumptuous at the same time. A beauty that’s pure yet bold, in a setting where classical harmony pulls everything together. Something artists have known for thousands of years.

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Pure Adjusted Statuary

Pure Brick Statuary R.Levigato

Pure Brick Statuary R.Satinato

Pure Rectified Brick Statuary

Pure Statuary Mix

Pure Statuary R.Ligigato

Statuario Brick Pure

Statuario Brick Pure

Statuario Puro Bocciardato Grip

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Informații suplimentare


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Mat/Satin, Lappato/Semilucios, Polished/Levigato/Lucios, Grip/Antialunecare/Bocciardato


20×120 10 mm A1, 20×120 MIX 3 FINITURE 10 mm A1, 30×60 10 mm A1, 60×120 10 mm A1, 60×60 10 mm A1, 7.5 x 30 10 mm A1, Mozaic 30×30 Contrasti con tozzetto Piombo 10 mm A1, Mozaic 4.7 Mix 3 Finiture 10 mm A1, Mozaic piese 4.7×4.7 10 mm A1