Pulpis | Cerdomus

139,00 lei

The essence of stone as you have never seen it before … A new journey into the Quintessence of Cerdomus that leads to discover refined atmospheres with essential beauty. An excursus on international design and the world of architecture with a new twist. Sophisticated interiors, surfaces enriched by subtle streaks, imperceptible traces of light that seep in and run through intangibly.

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Pulpis Beige Bush

Pulpis Beige Honed

Pulpis Beige Polished

Pulpis Beige R.Satinato

Pulpis Beige Rectified

Pulpis Beige Smoothed

Pulpis Bianco Levigato

Pulpis Bianco Levigato

Pulpis Brick Beige Bocc

Pulpis Brick Beige Lev

Pulpis Brick Beige R. Sat

Pulpis Brick Beige Rett

Pulpis Brick Gray Bocc

Pulpis Brick Gray Lev

Pulpis Brick Gray R. Sat

Pulpis Brick Gray Rett

Pulpis Brick Pure Bocc

Pulpis Brick Pure Bocc

Pulpis Brick Pure R. Sat

Pulpis Brick Puro Rett

Pulpis Brick Tortora Bocc

grigio texture intarsio rett

tortora texture intarsio rett

wenge texture intarsio rett